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Jeff Becker is a SEL thought leader who helps education leaders to create happier, healthier, and higher-performing schools through live and virtual workshops.


Mark S., Principal

Jeff's message served as a great reinforcement of our SEL initiative at OMS! Our staff was very pleased with him and his presentation after a long week of professional development! We very much look forward to implementing the materials he provided us with. 


Tricia W., Princpal

Thanks again for the phenomenal training on Monday. I continue to get compliments from my staff!  We can't wait to roll this out!


Adam B., Principal

We continue to receive positive feedback from our teachers weeks after the professional develoment.  Thank you, Jeff!

SEL On-Ramp

You've heard of SEL.  You have a pretty good idea of what it means or what it entails.  You wouldn't mind some clarity on the subject, and you definitely need some action steps to get you rolling.  No worries.  We'll begin by exploring what SEL is, and maybe even more importantly, what it's not.  We look at some of the data that will excite you and your stakeholders about the initiative, and finally, we'll give you some easy to do action steps to get you moving in the right direction. 

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School-Wide SEL Vision Day

Familiarize yourself and your SEL Leaders with what it takes to go from a good school to a great one.  Learn from an experienced SEL Director, Practitioner, and Educator the beginning steps to take to implement a true Tier One Social and Emotional Program. We start by clarifying the terms Tier One and SEL. We move into Building an SEL Team, Educating and Empowering Stakeholders, and Creating a Vision for the program. Finally, we'll set you up to have meetings where you'll discuss best steps to get where you're trying to go. 

Social & Emotional

It can feel tough to measure SEL.  It's not like math, reading, science, or social studies.  We know what students are getting it, we can identify which teachers are doing it well--but how do we do that with SEL? In this workshop, we work with your SEL and Leadership Teams to explain how to look for school-wide and classroom SEL indicators.  This includes creating an action plan and using the CASEL-created rubric to make your efforts quantifiable.  


Beyond Academics

Working in a school is tough.  Most times, the biggest problems are those that aren't academic.  Stop booking professional developments and training that address academic solutions to non-academic problems.  Jeff's workshops address: 

  • Colleague Collaboration Skills

  • Teacher Wellness

  • Organizational Health

  • Going Beyond Academics with Students

  • Culturally Responsive Classrooms

  • Building Trust in the Building

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