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SEL & Classroom Management Video

It can be tricky.  Feeling like you need to cater to your students' emotional needs by being sensitive...but then they do something that warrants a punishment.  It can be a tough situation to manage.  Here's a little guidance. Show this at a staff meeting or share online :)

Free Consultation Call & SEL Blueprint

I'm happy to help.  If you're trying to figure out where to go, what to do, or what to do NEXT, just click the link below.  I'll give you a call at a time that works well for you and/or your team.  Ask me about programs, implementation, classroom management, or how to lead a team, school, or district into an SEL initiative. 

How to Ask Your Principal for Something

Asking the bossman or bosslady for something (or for their time)can be tough.  Here's a worksheet that goes along with my video that might help you to organize your thoughts!  

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